We're the first to transform the online plant shopping experience for good.

For the first time, you can hand-pick the exact plant you want online from our live inventory. All from the comfort of your home. Welcome to Pafe LIVE!

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A surprisingly handy ruler

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The Best Plant, Is The One You Picked Yourself.

Browse our current inventory of plants from the comfort of your home or office using Pafe Plant's new Live Photo System (LPS). The plants you pick are the plants you get, period. 


Floor Plants Shipped Nationwide

We'll secure your brand-new large plants in our ultra-durable, sustainable packaging. You'll unbox a gorgeous, damage-free plant every time. That's our guarantee.  

Floor Plants Shipped Nationwide

Augmented reality plant

Augmented Reality Technology

See the plant in your phone,Before buying for your home.

The first of their kind, our enhanced product photos have a built-in augmented reality (AR) feature allowing you to preview plants in your room before you buy them. We worked diligently to drastically improve your online plant shopping experience with this user-friendly tool. Will this floor plant fit in your room? How does that desktop plant compliment your decor? Thanks to AR, you can answer those questions quickly and confidently before you make a purchase. 

Our Heritage.

Our brand is relatively new, but it isn't our first time in business. Our parent company, Dahing Plants, is one of the local brick and mortar plant hotspots that has been around the heart of NYC-Chinatown for 8+ years, and we've taken over a greenhouse that has been around since the 1900s. Thanks to the rapid growing and changing audience, a member of Dahing Plants branched off in 2018 and started Pafe Plants.

Never Done.

More exciting things are coming soon.

At Pafe Plants, we are never done improving. So stay tuned for our latest updates including: our very own plant care app, big plant shipping packages, and more additions to the existing AR feature!

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